Colour Trends for 2017 Floor Installation in Calgary

Whether you are picking out new carpeting for your renovated bedroom or you want to overhaul your home entirely, knowing the colour trends for this year is critical. Not only do you want a stylish finish to your home, but you want something that is classy, trendy, and attractive.

What are the Latest Colour Trends in Calgary Flooring Stores?

Your local flooring professionals at Nu-Way Floor Fashions, Ltd. see trends come and go. However, for 2017, some distinct colours are popping up that pair nicely with natural wood finishes and plush carpeting.

These colour trends include:

  • Millennial Pink: The Windsor pink colour is a peach-salmon hybrid that has become hugely popular. It has a vintage look that is not too youthful or sweet. It is elegant, timeless, and quite neutral on the walls.
  • Spicy Burnt Orange: More homeowners are opting for a touch of colour on their cabinets and accent walls featuring burnt orange and autumn-inspired tones. All year round, these colours add warmth and depth to your home, but work best in a room with plenty of natural lighting.
  • Yellows: Yellows have slowly been making a comeback, and now you see everything from pale yellow to dark mustard tones on walls, accent furniture, entry doors, window frames, garage doors, and even cabinetry.
  • Pale Blues:The presidential-like feel of varying shades of light blue adds sophistication and drama. A room with white and gray bases paired with blue accent colours is timeless and inspirational.
  • More Greenery: Instead of using plants, greenery is now coming from the walls! Splashes of herbaceous greens and apple-like colours are sophisticated, but not too over-the-top. They add a pop of fun to an otherwise elegant room.
  • White: White is always classy and timeless. When you have limited sunlight in rooms, opt for stone white walls that still add depth, but brighten the space and give the illusion of more square footage. If the idea of a stark white wall is not the most appealing in your eyes, then opt for mushroom-tinted walls that are earthier and still offer natural brightness.
  • Black: Black is stark,dramatic, and beautiful when incorporated correctly. Pair your light-coloured flooring with black cabinetry or a gray-black finish to an accent wall.

Find the Perfect Match to Your Wall at Your Local Calgary Flooring Store

To ensure your new wall colour pops and adds the flair you seek, consider replacing your old flooring with the latest trends in hardwood, carpeting, and more. Nu-Way Floor Fashions, Ltd. can help you find that picturesque finish for each room of the house, all for a budget-friendly price. Visit our showroom to explore our flooring options today.

Want to learn more about our floor installation service in Calgary? Walk around our showroom to find the right flooring for your home, and then ask us for an installation quote.

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