Creative Bathroom Flooring Options in Calgary

Are you considering a bathroom transformation and searching for that perfect flooring material to add style and durability? One of the most important considerations when choosing bathroom flooring is to ensure that it is water resistant. Having to replace your flooring due to water damage is the last thing you want, so be sure to select one that has the right balance of aesthetics and practicality and is made with hard-wearing material.

Your bathroom is continuously exposed to moisture and lasting dampness, so it’s a good idea to select a product that is safe, suits your lifestyle and is personalized to your unique taste, of course. Depending on the moisture levels of your bathroom, there are a number of options to choose from including:

  • Cork – Cork is an ideal material to have for your bathroom: warm and soft to the touch, it also repels water, thanks to its waxy qualities. Because of these properties, it’s actually quite suitable for the wet and sometimes humid environment of the bathroom. Cork is strong against deterioration, and will not collect moisture, meaning mould will not be a problem for you. 
  • Ceramic tile – Not only are ceramic tiles easy to clean and available in a number of different designs, colours and styles, they are also relatively easy to repair and work well in high traffic areas. These materials are strong and resilient, which means you never have to worry about stains or wear and tear. 
  • Stone – Forget about moisture problems altogether with marble, granite, limestone and other types of stone. Beyond being aesthetically pleasing, it’s easy to see why many would gravitate towards these choices. But, be aware: these materials must be sealed or properly maintained, they can stain; and marble, despite its weight and feel, is actually quite soft and can scratch. Still, they are easy to clean and do no tend to harbor dust or allergens. 
  • Vinyl – Design options are endless when it comes to vinyl. It is simple to install, handles heavy foot traffic well and is more comfortable to stand on. It also requires little to no maintenance and is very cost-effective.

Choose the Right Tile Store in Calgary for Your Bathroom Flooring

Nu-Way Floor Fashions Ltd. is a premier wood and tile store in Calgary with the widest selection of flooring materials to meet your requirements and price point. Not only do we carry an array of functional and fashionable flooring materials for your bathroom, but we are recognized for our high quality products and the value we bring to our customers.

From the selection process through to installation, our team of experienced flooring experts and installers will work hard to ensure you are completely satisfied with the product and the job. You will never have to worry about requiring the job to be done a second time, and that’s a guarantee!

Have a question about our ceramic tiles or hardwood flooring in Calgary? Visit our showroom to take a look at all the flooring options available or call us at 403-252-3551 to learn more. We can help transform any space with customized flooring for a warm, comfortable and stylish look.

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