Oiled Wood Floors: The New Fashion Trend for Hardwood Flooring in Calgary

Oil is popular for wood flooring because it brings out the natural beauty of the wood, especially more exotic species of wood. When wooden floors are treated with oil, their natural characteristics, colour and warmth are enhanced. However, one must keep in mind that oil does not necessarily offer protection against wear. Hence, it is a good idea to consider which rooms will be exposed to water / moisture and avoid installing oiled wood floors there.

Choosing the Right Oil Finish for Your Hardwood Flooring

Oil finishes do not contain the traditional stains and polyurethane finishes. This type of finish, however, does give you a protective coating against high foot traffic and a nice sheen. One of the biggest benefits of oiled floors is how rich your hardwood flooring will look. Over time, it acquires produces a patina that ages with the wood, so your floors never have a dull, worn out look like other surface finishes create.

A Few Things to Consider in Your Calgary Home’s Decor

Once you have your colour and sheen picked out, you will have to maintain the oil on your floor. This is done by dusting and caring for it following these steps:

  • Routinely remove dust and dirt before they scratch the surface
  • Keep water to a minimum and clean spills immediately
  • Sweep floors as often as they need it
  • Use cleaners specially formulated for oiled wood floors
  • Never use an all-purpose cleaner
  • To maintain and protect your floors, use a special oil product that refreshes and keeps them shiny
  • If you have an area with high risk for water spillage, apply a refresher to add a layer of protection
  • Reapply oil refreshers to your floors as needed, which will typically be a few times throughout the year

If you are ready for a more natural, refined look, skip the urethane finishes and opt for oiled wooden floors. Nu-Way Floor Fashions Ltd. can help you find hardwood flooring in Calgary that is perfect for the oil finished look.

Let the team at Nu-Way Floor Fashions Ltd. provide advice and guidance for flooring and window treatments in Calgary. We offer a range of beautiful natural woods and we can even install your new flooring for you. Contact us today or visit our showroom and take a look.

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